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introducing the all new

salon series collection

Our newest collection has finally arrived! Get salon-quality products and results from the comfort of your own home with our Salon Series!

This collection was carefully crafted to provide you with professional quality products at an affordable price. From hydration to color preservation to scalp care, the Salon Series transports a professional salon experience directly to your shower.

Featuring a dedicated Violette Purple Shampoo that is designed for blonde, sliver, and highlighted hair. It neutralizes yellow tones and brassiness allowing your hair to shine bright.

The Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner are a deeply moisturizing formula that will quench your thirsty tresses and leave you will long-lasting silkiness and strength,

Finally, our Bond Breaker Shampoo & Conditioner will soothe and balance your scalp, removing residue from adhesives and leaving you with stronger locks after each and every wash.

Shop today and get the look you've always wanted!

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3.5 oz jar of 4-way hair pomade

New size

4-Way Pomade 3.5oz

It's the same great product in a more convenient size! We've made it easier for you to take great hair with you wherever you go!

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"This store was created specifically for black skin and hair. They have excellent hair products especially for natural hair specializing in hair health and growth. This store is over 50 years old. Lena Horne and Josephine Baker use to buy hair and skin care products from this store. I don't need a lot to choose from as long as it works. Their products are not expensive."

"Such an amazing place with great customer service and fast shipments!"

"This store is outstanding!! The owner is the sweetest! I’ve purchased so many hair products for years and have spent tons of money, only to find this incredible store with very reasonable prices!!!!! You will not go wrong with this company."

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The Lucky Heart Cosmetics journey began in 1935 in the heart of Memphis, Tennessee. Founded as a dedicated beauty and cosmetics company for the African American community, we embarked on a mission to provide specialized hair and skincare solutions tailored specifically to the unique needs of our clients in the mid-south. From the very beginning, we proudly stood as a locally owned and operated business, firmly rooted in the vibrant tapestry of Memphis.
Our commitment to quality and excellence has been unwavering since day one. All of our products are proudly manufactured right here in Memphis, reflecting our dedication to supporting our local community and ensuring that every item meets the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Throughout the decades, we've continued to manufacture the signature products that are beloved by generations of customers. These tried-and-true favorites remain at the heart of our brand, a testament to their enduring quality.
As we've grown and evolved, so too has our vision. We understand that beauty knows no bounds, and our commitment to inclusivity and diversity has led us to expand our product range. Today, we offer a wide selection of natural and reliable beauty products, designed to cater to the diverse spectrum of skin and hair types.
Our goal is simple: to provide accessible, top-quality beauty solutions that empower individuals to look and feel their best, no matter their background or beauty journey.
At Lucky Heart Cosmetics, our rich history has laid the foundation for a future that's as bright and inclusive as our beauty products. We're currently a veteran-owned business and are proud to continue serving Memphis and beyond with a dedication to quality, community, and a belief that everyone deserves the chance to shine.