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"This store was created specifically for black skin and hair. They have excellent hair products especially for natural hair specializing in hair health and growth. This store is over 50 years old. Lena Horne and Josephine Baker use to buy hair and skin care products from this store. I don't need a lot to choose from as long as it works. Their products are not expensive."

"My mom used [3-Way Hair Dressing] on mine and my sisters hair when we were young. Our hair was long and healthy. Once I found I could still buy it I've been buying ever since."

"This [Beauty Bleaching] face cream is awesome I’ve been using this for 20 years it has cleared up my face multiple times."

"[4-Way Coconut Oil Conditioner] Very good for natural hair I applied to my freshly shampooed hair towel dried hair then blow dried my came out smooth straight & healthy looking!"

"[Tiger Head Medicated Ointment] Excellent as a chest rub and foot rub. Decongests without irritating skin, eliminates or slows foot fungus while soothing aching feet. Better than well known national brands you find at drugstores."

"Such an amazing place with great customer service and fast shipments!"

"I love [4-Way Deep Conditioner]. My hair loved it. This is a natural hair style's best friend. I want my hair to stay moisturized and not dry out. I ordered the set: 4-Way Shampoo, 4-Way Leave In conditioner and the Concentrated Hair Food. My hair was soft and manageable. It was not dried out after the next few days."

"This store is outstanding!! The owner is the sweetest! I’ve purchased so many hair products for years and have spent tons of money, only to find this incredible store with very reasonable prices!!!!! You will not go wrong with this company."

"Great place! Truly cares about the community!"

"The whole set of 4-Way Products ensure a continuous spiral of protection for heat styling, conditioning for strong hair and a pomade for daily styling of hair. These products have been a main-stay in my family for generations. I find with protective styling of my locks, the 4-Way Products ensure that I have effective products for any style I choose."

"Just the smell [of 3-Way Hair Dressing] bring tears to my eyes. My grandmother use this since I was a little girl. I still have the last jar of this that she provided to me before she passed away. I was using this product on my daughter, however ran out. By chance look up this name and found it. I am so happy right now. I am able to continue the use on my daughters' hair to continue the growth of their hair. Please keep this going because this will be a generational thing for my family. I thank you and appreciate you."

"I absolutely love this company! The best product I have ever used is the 4-Way Pomade which grew my hair and contains normal ingredients and not a lot of chemicals. Thank you Lucky Heart! I hope you will be around a long time."

"Awesome company with awesome people. Men's products work like a charm."

"I really like the [Bright & Clear] Foaming Facial Cleanser. I wasn't sure I would like it. I was used to the [Beauty Bar] soap. My complexion is very clear, so it's great."

"Quality products that have been around for decades!"

"This [Beauty Bleaching] cream has truly helped minimize dark circles under my eyes!!!! It’s also evened out my skin tones and brightened my face neck over all!! Love it!

"Lucky Heart is such a great store. The employees are so kind and generous."

"The best non-prescription pain relieving lotion and oil [Tiger Head White Camphor Balm & External Liniment] I have used in many years. ❤👏🏽👍🏽"

"I tried this [Absolutely Lavender Hand & Body] lotion for six days straight to see if I had finally found something that could help my sleep. Even from the first night, this lotion had me falling asleep in as little as eight minutes. Every night I was pleasantly surprised to find that I fell asleep quickly and stayed asleep throughout the night."

"Such an amazing place with great customer service and fast shipments!"

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