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4-Way Hair Care

Indulge your hair in a luxurious experience as our time-tested 4-Way Hair Care line delves deep into the core of each strand, providing an enriching and revitalizing experience. Through our carefully crafted conditioning power, your hair is infused with a surge of moisture that penetrates each layer, promoting optimal hydration from root to tip.

Bid farewell to dryness, frizz, and lackluster locks as our transformative formulas imbue your hair with an alluring luster, suppleness, and irresistibly touchable softness.

Unlock the secret to your most beautiful hair yet. Explore our unparalleled 4-Way Hair Care line and elevate your hair care routine to new heights of excellence. Experience the undeniable power of deep conditioning and the unrivaled performance of our styling products, all packaged into a comprehensive range that promises to revolutionize your hair care journey.

Trust in our time-tested expertise and embark on a path to hair perfection like never before.

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Save $6.004-Way Pomade 13 oz.4-Way Pomade 13 oz.
4-Way Pomade 13 oz. Sale price$12.00 Regular price$18.00
Save $4.004-Way Pomade 6.5 oz.4-Way Pomade 6.5 oz.
4-Way Pomade 6.5 oz. Sale price$8.00 Regular price$12.00
Save $3.00Jar of 4-Way Hair Pomade small 3.5 oz4-Way Pomade 3.5 oz.
4-Way Pomade 3.5 oz. Sale price$5.00 Regular price$8.00
Save $6.004-Way Pomade 13 oz Unscented4-Way Pomade 13 oz Unscented
4-Way Pomade 13 oz Unscented Sale price$12.00 Regular price$18.00
Leave in conditioner by Lucky Heart CosmeticsLabel and ingredients and directions for use of leave-in conditioner.
4-Way Shampoo4-Way Shampoo
4-Way Shampoo Sale price$8.00
Deep conditioner for reviving and moisturizing hair made by Lucky Heart CosmeticsBack label with ingredients and directions for use of 4-Way Deep Conditioner.
Color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo from Lucky Heart CosmeticsBack label of Lucky Heart's color-safe shampoo.
4-Way Color-Safe Shampoo Sale price$9.00
3-Way Hair Dressing by Lucky Heart CosmeticsBack label of 3-Way Hair Dressing by Lucky Heart Cosmetics.
Coconut Oil Conditioner for healthy, sleek, hydrated hair from Lucky Heart CosmeticsBack label of Coconut Oil Conditioner with ingredients and directions for use.
4-Way Styling Gel4-Way Styling Gel
4-Way Styling Gel Sale price$8.00
4-Way Gourmet Sulfur & Castor Oil Treatment4-Way Gourmet Sulfur & Castor Oil Treatment
4-Way Gourmet Concentrated Hair Food4-Way Gourmet Concentrated Hair Food
4-Way Gourmet Super Conditioning Hair Dressing4-Way Gourmet Super Conditioning Hair Dressing
4-Way gift set featuring shampoo, deep conditioner, and 6.5 oz hair pomade by Lucky Heart Cosmetics
4-Way Gift Set Sale price$18.00
4-Way Gourmet Gift Set
4-Way Gourmet Gift Set Sale price$18.00
4-Way Naturals
4-Way Naturals Sale price$15.00