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Equestrian Shampoo

Sale price$19.99

Revitalize and enhance your horse's coat with our BRAND NEW Equestrian Purple Shampoo.

This shampoo is the ultimate solution for maintaining your horse’s stunning coat, mane, and tail. It is specially formulated to enhance natural color and neutralize brassiness, making it perfect for horses with light-colored, grey, or white coats.

The sulfate-free formula is gentle on your horse’s skin, our shampoo cleanses without stripping natural oils, ensuring your horse’s coat remains healthy and hydrated. The rich purple formula is designed to brighten and enhance your horse’s natural coat color, giving it a radiant, vibrant finish.

Finally, it effectively counteracts yellow and brassy tones, leaving the coat looking fresh, clean, and beautifully balanced.

Natural ingredients provide a deep cleanse without irritation, making it ideal for horses with sensitive skin, and it's designed for easy application and rinse-out, reducing bathing time and stress for both you and your horse.

Trust our expertly formulated shampoo to bring out the natural beauty of your horse’s coat, making it a staple in your equine grooming routine.

Give your horse the royal treatment with our Equestrian Purple Shampoo – because your horse deserves to shine!

Equestrian Shampoo
Equestrian Shampoo Sale price$19.99