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4-Way Gift Set

Sale price$18.00

The perfect trio for effortless style and healthy locks.

12 Oz Shampoo, 12 Oz Deep Conditioner and 3.5 Oz Pomade from our best-selling 4-Way Hair Care line. Clean, moisturize and style your gorgeous hair!

Elevate your hair care routine and give the gift of luxurious, healthy hair with our 4-Way Hair Care Gift Set. This carefully curated trio includes our premium shampoo, deep conditioner, and customer-favorite pomade, offering a complete hair care solution that's perfect for achieving both nourished, silky locks and stylish, sculpted looks.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, this gift set is a journey to hair that's as beautiful as it is effortlessly styled.

What this Gift Set includes:

4-Way Shampoo: Start your hair care ritual with our nourishing shampoo. This gentle yet effective formula cleanses your hair and scalp, removing impurities and buildup while maintaining your hair's natural balance.

4-Way Deep Conditioner: Complement your shampoo with our hydrating deep conditioner. It replenishes moisture, leaving your hair soft, silky, and beautifully conditioned.

4-Way Pomade: One of our No. 1 products! This versatile pomade provides strong hold and flexibility, making it perfect for achieving a variety of styles from sleek to textured.

This gift set covers all aspects of hair care, from cleansing and conditioning to styling, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced routine. Each product in our set is crafted with premium ingredients that prioritize the health and beauty of your hair.

Experience the joy of beautifully pampered hair that's easy to style and maintain and give the gift of gorgeous, healthy hair to yourself or a loved one, making every day a great hair day.

4-Way gift set featuring shampoo, deep conditioner, and 6.5 oz hair pomade by Lucky Heart Cosmetics
4-Way Gift Set Sale price$18.00