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Tiger Head Balm and Liniment

Sale price$15.00

Natural relief for body aches and pains.

Experience the soothing power of Tiger Head with our carefully curated gift set, featuring our White Camphor Balm and External Liniment. Crafted to provide natural relief for body aches, pains, and abrasions, this set is your go-to solution for discomfort.

Whether you're dealing with muscle soreness, minor injuries, or simply seeking a natural remedy for your well-being, this gift set is the perfect choice.

Our Tiger Head White Camphor Balm delivers a cooling sensation and helps relieve muscle soreness and discomfort while the External Liniment provides a warming sensation, perfect for alleviating minor aches, pains, and abrasions.

Both products are crafted with natural ingredients, making them suitable for various discomforts and skin types. Whether you prefer cooling or warming relief, this gift set provides options for various aches and pains.

This gift set is a thoughtful gesture for yourself or a loved one, offering the gift of natural comfort and well-being.

Tiger Head Balm and Liniment
Tiger Head Balm and Liniment Sale price$15.00